Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relax Cool Red - Wine review

I know I just got done saying I'm not a big fan of red wine but that was before I tried Relax Cool Red. Unlike most red wine Relax Cool Red is meant to be served cool. It's also exceptionally smooth and easy to drink.

We first tried Relax Cool Red tonight and it was the perfect accompaniment to our steak dinner. A little sip between each bite of steak made the steak taste steakier (yes it's a word!) and the wine taste winier.

From the website: "Relax Cool Red offers wine lovers an approachable wine meant for enjoying rather than debating. This fruity, flavorful Beaujolais-type wine is a pleasant alternative to traditional reds."

Well, I don't know what Beaujolais means but I agree with the rest of it! Relax Cool Red is a nice red wine to try if you're not sure you like red wine. At about $9.99 a bottle it's a nice, affordable addition to a steak dinner or to an evening curled up in front of the fire.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Relax - Wine Review

Problem Girl Eats but she also likes to drink. At a recent wine sale at my local liquor store I stocked up and bought a ton of wine. Maybe that was a foolish choice considering that I will soon be pregnant (fingers crossed) but I can't resist a good wine sale.

One thing that you should know about me is that I like white wine. I know that makes me sort of a wine newbie and that real wine drinkers like red but my love or white wine fits in nicely the rest of my unsophisticated personality.

One wine that I really love is Relax. Relax is my favorite Riesling. From the web site "Slightly drier than traditional Rieslings, RELAX Riesling has a clean, crisp, fruity flavor that makes a great dinner wine, party wine or just a simply unwind after work wine."

I actually think Relax is fairly sweet. I think it's a little too sweet to be called a dinner wine. It's the perfect wine when you're sitting down to relax and you want a nice sipping wine. It's the perfect after dinner wine. It's also the perfect after the kids are in bed wine. For some reason (and maybe it's just with me) I find that this wine packs a little bit of a punch. I suppose that might be because it's so easy to delicious that you don't even notice how quickly you're drinking it!

I've seen Relax retailing for between $9.99 and $11.99 a bottle. At that price it's a pretty guilt-free indulgence. So if you're into sweet white wines consider giving Relax a try.