Sunday, June 15, 2008

Super EZ Salsa

This recipe was sent in by reader AmyWildcat who does not have a blog but is none the less awesome and wild. And a cat. And named Amy.


Super EZ Salsa - Not for the Faint of heart

¾ lb Fresh Jalapenos
1 can whole tomatoes
Small onion
Minced garlic

1. Dice onion, about ¼ cup
2. Chop cilantro, less than ¼ cup (to preference)
3. Wrap jalapenos in moist paper towel and microwave for seven minutes
4. Remove stems from jalapenos and place in blender (Here’s the secret to the managing the heat; the seeds. I suggest removing the seeds/membrane in half the peppers (leave the seeds in other half and remove only the exterior stems). After the first try of this recipe, you’ll know to remove more or less seeds/membranes in future recipes based on your preference for heat.)
5. Add can of tomatoes to blender
6. Add onion and cilantro to blender
7. Add salt (approx 1 teaspoon) to blender
8. Add garlic (approx 1 tablespoon) to blender
9. BLEND (to choice, chunky or smooth)
10. Taste and modify to preference – if too hot add more canned tomatoes or fresh tomatoes to taste.


amywildcat said...

I hope you and your readers try this recipe, easy and delicious!

Dyan said...

Well written article.