Friday, April 10, 2009

Pepperwood Grove Sauvignon Blanc - Wine Review

I picked up a bottle of Pepperwood Grove Sauvignon Blac without really knowing anything about it. I figured with a $7.99 price tag I didn't really have much to lose if it was really bad. What a pleasant surprise this wine turned out to be! From the website:

"Aromas of fresh bananas and red apple with hints of basil and white pepper. This blend of Sauvignon Blanc and a touch of Chenin Blanc, to soften the palate, has flavors of mango, melon, and fresh lime juice with soft citrus notes on the finish."

I don't know if I smelled any bananas in this wine but I certainly picked up the basil and apple scents. I didn't think it had a melon flavor (at least not that my untrained palate could pick up) but I picked up the wine and citrus. The website also recommends serving this wine with seafood but I served it with chicken and risotto and it was a great match. In fact, I used it in the risotto and I loved the flavor it gave the dish.

This wine has a nice balance between sweet and dry. It's not so sweet that you can't have it as a dinner wine yet not so dry that you can't enjoy it as a sipping wine all on it's own. I highly recommend Pepperwood Grove Sauvignon Blanc.


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